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Wellness Committee


The Wellness Committee is a new committee intended to encourage and support Medical Staff members and trainees in their efforts to maintain their own physical and mental well-being in the face of the many stresses of modern medical practice. The committee believes that the wellness of our caregivers is critical to the provision of high quality medical care. We intend to periodically assess the professional satisfaction, wellbeing and wellness needs of our practitioners, provide wellness resources and referrals, and promote a culture which respects wellness and “health seeking behavior” as essential elements of a complete physician.

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Bryan Bohman, MD
Associate CMO

Administrative Liaison

Sandra Ehlert, Administrative Assistant
(650) 723-6083 or


Adams, Diana, EdD Deputy Chief, Psychiatry
Aggarwal, Shelley, MD Adolescent Medicine
Basina, Marina, MD Endocrinology
Bates, Cheryl MD Internal Medicine
Braddock, Clarence, MD Associate Dean of Medical Education
Deitz, Jennifer SOM - Student Affairs
Gavi, Benny Internal Medicine

Harman, Stephanie, MD

Palliative Care
Hopkins, Joseph, MD Sr. Medical Director for Quality
Howe, Mariko Medical Student Wellness Rep
Koltai, Peter, MD Div Chief, Peds Otolaryngology
Krummel, Thomas, MD Service Chief, Surgery
Lomeli, Danica Medical Student Wellness Rep
Murphy, Mary Lou Physician Wellness Coordinator
Noland, Janesta, MD Pediatrics
Osterberg, Lars, MD MD Director of E4C Program
Post, Lisa, PhD Psychiatry
Powers, Rebecca A., MD Psychiatry

Prasad, Ravi, Ph.D

Pain Management
Rasgon, Natalia, MD Psychiatry
Ratner, Emily, MD Anesthesia (Integrative Med)

Sandborg, Christy, MD

Vice President Medical Affairs, LPCH
Sheffrin, Meera, MD House Officer/Medicine
Smith-Coggins, Rebecca, MD Dean's Office Liaison
Stack, Shobha, MD House Officer/Medicine

Stein, Harise, MD                          

Teshome, Mediget, MD House Officer/General Surgery

Trockel, Mickey, MD

Valantine, Hannah, MD Dean's Office Liaison
Weinacker, Ann, MD Chief of Staff
Weinlander, Eva, MD Family and Community Medicine

Welle, Dana

Risk Management
Welton, Mark, MD Vice Chief of Staff

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