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Stanford Medical Staff

The Stanford Medical Staff currently has over 1,800 members with over 700 of those members being community physicians within a variety of specialties. The Medical Staff consists of Physicians (MD, DO), Psychologists (PhD), Podiatrists (DPM) and Dentists (DDS, DMD).

Medical Staff Mission:

Protection and improvement of the quality of care is the primary purpose of our medical staff organization.

Through our independently elected representatives, our medical staff committee structure, and our individual voices, the physicians and other licensed independent practitioners at SHC are committed, in partnership with our Board of Directors and hospital administration, to providing the best possible medical care to our patients.

Working in concert with the Stanford School of Medicine, we support our teaching and research missions to enhance quality and offer our patients the most advanced medical care available.

Finally, we aim to provide fellowship and support to our members and to enhance the professional satisfaction of those who practice medicine at SHC.

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